Pinterest, was somebody’s dream till it started creating waves in 2010. Today, it’s every business’ ticket to branding, popularity, engagement and sales. How can it help your business?

The scope to develop your business with Pinterest is huge. You can pin pictures of your products on the virtual board and link it to content on products/services on your website, and thereby create an online catalogue for your products. And viola, you have arrived!

With ‘like’, ‘comment’, and ‘re-pin’, options, that allows users to pin pictures to their personal boards, you can market your brand and products easily, attract new and potential customers, and explore new markets.  For e.g., photographer Carl Cristensen and his wife Ina, a jewellery designer use Pinterest along with the popular e-commerce site Etsy to showcase their products. Users can click on their respective products be it photos or Jewellery and go straight to Etsy’s Storefront to buy what they like. Cristensen says Pinterest has helped increase his web traffic in a big way, and thereby boosted their visibility and revenue.

Make your brand and products visible, interesting, and attractive and generate traffic to your website and business.  Pin awesome and unique pictures of your products with information that sells, host picture competitions where you ask your fans to post attractive pictures and win prizes, have boards on topics of social interest, widen your social entrepreneurial front and pin pictures of the latest offers on your products- drive all those innovative ideas that you have kept under wraps for lack of funds, or a way forward. If you find yourself re-pinning more often than not, it means your ideas are working, which is the first hint that things are looking good for your business.

The Wall Street Journal is not shy of pinning their innovative ideas on pinterest. They have pins for all their daily promotional products with the descriptions and the offer prices. They channelize employee creativity, imagination and interaction, and pique people’s interest by pinning quotes related to stories and news items linked to the actual story. The quotes are being liked and re-pinned and have created lots of positive response and interaction, all part of reader engagement.

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