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TiECON Kerala 2017

Viren D’sa


Born in Mumbai, India, Viren is an enthusiastic and innovative person whose dream is
to help get the world together through Cultural Understanding.
This led to the formation of the company – Zamorin of Bombay a Culture and
Experienced based Tour Company in 2015 .
Having worked in the field of Hospitality for six Years under coveted Domestic and
International Brands, he is also a Freelance Travel Writer and currently writes for many
publications including This Week, Mauritius and has his own website and cultural
channel on YouTube.
He was Awarded “Most Appreciated Employee” two years in a row at the Taj Mahal
Palace Hotel, Mumbai. He conceived and conducted the “Heritage and Art Walks” of
the hotel . He was also the Host of the You Tube Channel “WHYWEDOWHATWEDO”
.He also Teaches English at Colaba Municipal School every Saturday as part of the NGO
Vidya’s project – Bhavishayan. He is also currently the Media Co-coordinator for the
NGO. He has been invited as the Guest Speaker at various venues.
Conversant in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hindi, Viren loves to write and
meet different people in the eyes of sociology, psychology, history and theology.