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TiECON Kerala 2017

How Failure Lab at TIECON Kerala 2017 can give a little perspective for entrepreneurs during trying times.


Entrepreneurial success stories are always interesting. But hearing the same business leaders narrate failures and lessons learned is the most humbling and inspiring experience. #TieConKer2017 Failure Lab can recommend some effective remedies to get past failure, learn from it, and turn failure into next great idea. Our speakers ‘panel has includes seasoned entrepreneurs who will narrate how they dealt with some trying moments in their entrepreneurial journeys. Those pearls of wisdom will undoubtedly help you redefine your mistakes as an entrepreneur, and see them as potential opportunities for growth and expansion.

Fear of failure is pervasive in many entrepreneurs and the companies they run. #TieConKer2017 Failure Lab is designed to help you learn how to embrace failure and make it work in your favor. It’s largely your relationship with failure, especially how you perceive and respond to it, that makes the difference. Failures should never be quarantined like a plague. Every failure has a lesson to offer, and TieCon Failure Lab can help you find such must-learn lessons to anticipate obstacles, rather than stumbling through them.

You are left with 2 choices to react to every failure in business: either fail backward or fail forward. Lessons from TieCon Failure Lab help you fail forward and view failure as a deferred success. Failure is just a temporary setback on a bigger and significant course. Very few business leaders have made it big without experiencing massive failures. Accepting failure is not accepting defeat, it’s being pragmatic. That said, it’s also completely acceptable to get upset about failure as long as you remember that a failure doesn’t define the real you.

Our entire existence is based on failing. We fell several times before learning to walk properly. Yet, early on in life, we are taught that failure is bad and indicates weakness and inability.

With TieConKer2017 Failure Lab, we aim to change this timeworn perception about failure and thus get the negativity of failure out of your head and heart.

We believe in the culture of celebrating failures, as it is like welcoming home a war hero.