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TiECON Kerala 2017

Mentoring Clinics

This is a golden opportunity for startup and early venture entrepreneurs to sit with veterans of the Industry who had ‘been there and done that’. Whether it is validating an idea, fine tuning the business models  or scaling business operations, the entrepreneurs can get advised by the mentors who are experienced industry stalwarts of repute. Due to Lack of a sounding board or a experienced advice,  many a times young entrepreneurs grope in the dark, leading to failed projects, loss of money and precious time. Entrepreneurs deserious of seeking mentoring must register in advance to avail the opportunity. Specific registration forms are available with TiE Kerala for this purpose (visit TiE Kerala website or call up the office for the same). It is important to know the field of activity of starups and the specific advice that they seek, in advance to connect them to appropriate mentors.