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TiECON Kerala 2017

6 reasons to attend TieConKer2017


Ever felt that entrepreneurship conferences are a waste of time and money? TieConKer2017 can change your perception.  We celebrate disruption in the business world and motivate entrepreneurs to tackle business challenges in creative and innovative ways. No matter what business you’re in, TieConKer2017 is designed to deliver incomparable values for all types of entrepreneurs.

This is not the comprehensive list of reasons to attend TieConKer2017, but definitely includes the ones worth mentioning.

Meet industry influencers

The best perk of attending TieConKer2017 – Get a chance to meet some of the most talked about industry influencers. You get to sit and interact at length with business leaders. Make the most of this opportunity and learn how to stay ahead of the game!

Learn from the best

Keep your ears to the ground and update yourself on the latest industry trends.  Events like TieCon help get clear understanding of trending business ideas and strategies out there.  From inspiring talks to exciting discussions, and motivating mentoring sessions, TieCon can help upgrade you and your business to newer heights.

Make connections

Meet like-minded entrepreneurs who are as passionate and ambitious as you are about business. The more you meet them, the more your business and network grows.

Promote and sell your business

Events like TieCon help successfully share and promote what you and your business can offer.  One-on-one meetings and interactions leave lasting impressions and potential chances of long-term collaborations in future.  Be at TieConKer2017, get some business cards ready, and start networking.

Get instant feedbacks

Share what you’re working on and get quick and unbiased feedbacks from veterans who know the ins and outs of your industry. It helps refine your ideas and make the most of your efforts.

More ‘bang for your buck’

From Failure Labs to Crowd Pools and Trade Fests, TieConKer2017 has everything you need to take your business to the next level. Listen to a plethora of enlightening business leaders and surround yourself with diverse assorts of passionate entrepreneurs who will motivate you to learn and grow continually in all aspects of both personal and professional life.  Get groundbreaking ideas and exciting thoughts to inspire your entrepreneurial pursuits.  In addition, you can make contacts and win prospective clients and investors who can add value to your business.

Isn’t TieConKer2017 a one-of-a-kind experience that you cannot afford to miss?